Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Book Review: The Boy That Never Was

Three-year-old Dillon vanished in the middle of the night. His father Harry can't forgive himself for not protecting his only child. Yet Harry isn't blamed by his wife Robin: she bares her own secret guilt.
Five years later, thousands of miles away, Harry spots an eight-year-old boy in a crowd - a boy he is convinced is Dillon.

Desperate to find his missing son, Harry's obsession tears apart his marriage, exposing shameful secrets and shattering the one thing he and Robin had left - trust.
Why won't Robin believe Harry? What is she hiding? Can the boy really be Dillon? And how far will Harry go to find their lost son?

The blurb for this book sounded so good, gripping and full of twists and turns. Unfortunately I found it to be the complete opposite, it was dull, predictable and lacking in any real sense of imagination.

Unfortunately what this book lacks is anything new, I could predict what was going to happen a mile off and was left bitterly disappointed by what did actually happen because it just wasn't original. It plodded along at an OK pace but I just didn't feel engaged with the book and for that reason it took me a long time to actually finish it. There isn't really much else I can say about the book as it didn't really leave a lasting impression for me to talk about.

 Rating: ★★

Friday, 14 April 2017

European travel list

For the longest time I've desperately wanted to explore more of Europe, an urge that was only strengthened when we visited Amsterdam in February. With a ton of jobs that need doing in the house and a Florida trip to save for I'm not quite sure when any of these travel ideas will happen, but it's nice to dream right? With that being said, here is my list of European destinations I'm dying to visit.


 I've been to Barcelona before, around 12 years ago but didn't particularly do much sightseeing as I only spent the day there. I'd love to go back now as an adult to really appreciate the city.


Bruges is also another place I've visited before but again only for the day and when I was younger. From what I remember, walking down the canal was beautiful so I really want to visit again. 


I've seen quite a few blog posts on Copenhagen recently and this beautiful coloured buildings convinced me I just have to visit. 


 I can't place what it is about Berlin that makes me want to visit, I just get this really good vibe from it plus I'd like to see what's left of the Berlin wall.


My main reason for wanting to visit Poland is to go to Auschwitz, however I've heard that Krakow is a lovely city to visit so I think it would be the perfect base to escape to after what would be an upsetting visit to Auschwitz.


It's no secret that I'm beyond desperate to visit Reykjavik, after all it's featured in quite a few travel related posts now and it's even on my bucket list to swim in the blue lagoon. This one I really need to tick off my list soon!


 Before settling on saving for a Florida holiday for next year we actually looked at visiting Rome this year so it makes me a little sad that we won't be doing. I'd love to visit The Colosseum.


Bucharest was never on my radar until I read Amelia's blog post and now I really want to visit. It looks beautiful, it's cheap and it has Europe's largest spa. Sold!


Ah the European city at the top of everyone's travel list and I'm afraid I'm no different. I've probably built up this wildly inaccurate romantic notion of Paris but I really want to go (I also really want to go to Disneyland Paris too, hint hint Josh!).


 Come on this is pretty self explanatory isn't it?! When I think of Venice I picture myself on a gondola floating down the Grand Canal. Doesn't it sound perfect?


Visiting Austria is also another item on my bucket list so I'd love to tick it off with a trip to Salzburg where I can pretend I'm in the Sound of Music!


Those gorgeous blue seas have totally sold Dubrovnik to me, plus it would be pretty cool to see some of the places where Game of Thrones is filmed.


Oh come on, who wouldn't fall in love with colours and views like that?! It's exactly why another Italian destination features on my travel list.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Happy List: March 2017

 So another month has passed us by and now, somehow, we're in April. The days are getting warmer and the evenings lighter and with that of course comes beautiful sunsets. March was a fairly quiet month, I feel the rest of this year will be if I'm honest (we're saving for a big holiday next year!) but there was still plenty to be happy about.

1. We've started buying flowers for in our porch window and it may just be my new favourite thing, I loved the colours of this bunch Josh surprised me with.
2. Beauty and the Beast! I've waited so long for the live action remake to come out and it did not disappoint, I loved it so much. Also I missed out the first time the Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum collection was released so when I accidentally discovered it had been re-released I was so happy and managed to snap up all the ones I wanted!
3. The sunsets at this time of year are my favourite and this gorgeous pink one did not disappoint.
4.Over the last year or so, Josh and I have become gin lovers, we picked up this raspberry and pomegranate one up at a gift fair and it tastes so good.
5. Josh has been doing a lot of drawing recently and randomly decided to recreate the map to the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit, I know I'm biased but I think it's bloody amazing!
6. March treated us to some beautifully warm days which were very much welcomed, it also meant trips to the pub to sit outside with a drink!
7. This photo of Buddy cracks me up, look how cute he is! My two little fur babies make me laugh so much everyday.
8. My first flowers in my own garden came through in March and looked super pretty, I can't take credit for planting these as my Dad did it but I will be having a go at planting my own bulbs in a few weeks so fingers crossed they turn out just as well!
9. Josh turned 28 in March so of course that meant I got to bake a birthday cake. This picture does not reflect how huge the cake was, it was amazing.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Garden Inspiration

When we bought our house last year, we always knew it came with quite a big garden as it's a semi detached corner plot, I don't think we were quite prepared for just how big it actually is though as the first time we viewed the house it was dark and the second time it was raining heavily and starting to get dark and believe me, photo's don't do it justice! The first time we saw the garden properly was when we got the keys, given that the house had been empty for 2 months before that, it was basically an overgrown jungle. After a good lawn cut and some ivy being cut back and dead trees being chopped down it looked much better. It also dawned on us just how much there was to do in the garden. I shared some photo's in this post last year of the garden so the last few images are basically what the garden looks like now (again though this does not give a true idea of the size of the garden). It was always my intention to begin the garden transformation this year and although we probably won't get everything done that we'd like to, we definitely want to make a good start on it. To help me, I have of course turned to Pinterest to provide me with some inspiration for projects I can undertake now and in the future. I've also made some calls to my green-fingered Dad for tips on planting bulbs etc!

So here's what we'd like to do this year...
  • Plant some bulbs for the top patio, I've already bought the plant pots in the picture above so I just need to buy bulbs now, all the flowers in this photo are the kind of thing I plan to plant. 
  • Weed the planters on the back wall and put solar lights in them. Our garden has this really unusual feature on the back wall that's made up of little planters, unfortunately they're full of weeds at the moment. 
  • Wire up lights on the back wall and take down the old lights on the fence. The lights that are currently up look awful and throw out too much light, we want something that looks a little more relaxing like the two way lights in the picture above. 
  • Paint the fences. We have two fences, one that runs between us and our neighbour and one that runs from the top of the back garden right down to the end of the front garden so that's a lot of fence to paint, luckily it's in good condition it just needs brightening up with a lick of paint.
  • Put up string solar lights on one of the fences, we both love the multi colour bulb ones in the picture above so I think we're going to go for those. 
  • Put up a sign. I really love those direction signs you can buy, I think I'm going to buy one like in the picture above and have it say 'here to Disney World'. Of course we had to have a bit of Disney in there somewhere!
And I think that's pretty much it for this year, there are of course other things we'd like to do eventually but I feel this list is going to go a long way in making the garden look so much better!